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Increase your success rates

Embryo’s are highly sensitive to the environment in which they are kept. Incase of controlled ovarian stimulation if a consultant can achieve more than 6 eggs & there is no major defect in the semen analysis and the endometrial thickness is 9mm triple line , then the success rate would be more than 70%. Incase this isn’t happening then there is a problem in the air quality , CO2 concentration or the media culture system where Fortuna Turnkey (FT) would help you find the exact reason for failure. Fine minute changes in the labs infrastructure can drastically change the success rate of your lab. Dr Manju Jilla has been running her lab for more than 20 yrs now. She has also setup another labs in Mumbai giving better success rates due to the latest infra incubators available in market . She has teamed up with Fortuna Turnkey to guide several labs in the country. Embryologist handling the embryo plays an important role . The environment in which this technique is carried out is very important as the gametes stays in the lab ie in the incubators majority of the time. Fortuna Turnkey can help you rectify the minor flaws which could have a direct impact on the productivity of the lab thereby giving you higher success rates of more than 50%.

Answer on following points on your individual cases :

    1. What is the factor of infertility ?
    2. Number of oocytes retrieved during ovum pick up ?
    3. Does the female partner has any endometrial infection (TB) & has she taken AKT ? & time period of AKT ?
    4. Wether the Sperm count and motility is normal ?
    5. Time at which Rupturing Injection was given and time of ICSI ?
    6. Number of embryos and its quality ?
    7. Are both partners on antibiotics?

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