Neo International; Dubai, UAE

Neo International; Dubai, UAE: is a fully integrated supplier to the International Diamond and Jewelry Industry. Based in one of the world's most active rough diamond markets, the company ensures its global clientele first class service and delivery while maintaining the core family values and ethics it was founded upon. With a specific emphasis on developing lasting relationships and sustainable profitability, the company's rough distribution arm aims to align its stock and focus with the current market appetite ensuring it is always one step ahead of its competitors. The company, through its global network, uniquely has access to some of the world's largest and most special rare stones. Following procurement, the company uses its in-house analysis and planning team to optimize and bring out the diamond's inner beauty and true potential. Considering their exclusivity, the company caters these stones to some of the world's most affluent consumers and has thus built a strong rapport with top high-end retailers globally. These diamonds are marketed all over the world to traders and end. The company has also established itself as a trader and vendor of a broader collection of stones 5 carats and above certified by international grading groups' GIA, IGI and HRD. We actively participate in exhibitions all around the world supplying end users and industry traders.